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Balmoral Cleaning Contractors is an established company founded in January 1987. We have been providing commercial cleaning in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas at a steadily increasing rate.

From our offices in Atherton we service over 230 different sites within Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Our client list is made up of various companies and associations including restaurants, private social clubs, shops and banks, as well as daily office cleaning.

Our Service Managers will regularly visit all our sites during, and outside of, office hours. Our Operatives are on site to ensure that the correct degree of management is maintained. They will be more than happy to call and discuss the services of Balmoral Cleaning Contractors with you personally if you require.

About Us

Raymond & Denise Dawson

Managing Directors

The Directors are responsible for the daily operation and control  of the Company and attend to all matters


Operations Director

Clare Harrison

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Est 1987

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